Our Background

Genesis Chemical S’pore is a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative floor care products with over 15 years of experience. Our focus is to provide cost-effective and powerful products without compromising on quality. Genesis Chemical S’pore has created formulations to deliver high quality commercial and industrial cleaning floor care products that have been scientifically proven to outshine and outlast.

Take advantage of our unrivalled and high quality Private Label Trademark and Contract OEM Manufacturing Product Copyright. Our sophisticated facility is perfectly equipped for the creation of new and revised product lines in large quantities. Our team oversees the creating and manufacturing process from beginning to the end so you may be assured of our quality.


Genesis Chemical S’pore has an array of cleaning agents that ranges from neutral, alkali-based to acid-based products.We aim to solve your everyday cleaning needs and help maintain a hygienic and comfortable environment.

We also have a range of high quality janitorial equipment that is specially designed and manufactured in Italy, to cater to your cleaning needs and requirements.

We can create custom formulas or formula adaptations, or you can choose from a vast and impressive selection of tried and tested, scientifically proven formulas, covering the entire spectrum of the Cleaning and Floor Care industry.